CHOCOLATE — is a typically sweet
preparation of Theobroma cacao seeds.

ROCK — in geology is a naturally occurring solid aggregate of
one or more minerals.

The two elements come together in this collaboration between
a product designer and a chef
and create a fusion between food and design.


CHOCOLATE ROCKS — form a new experience that starts with shape and results in taste. Biting into a rock creates natural tension between the things we are told by our instincts and by our brain. This adds a new layer of awareness to the eating of chocolate that emphasizes everything you sense and taste. To enhance this experience we make natural pigments out of dried fruits and vegetables that give an extra layer of unexpected taste and color. We play with the perception that color gives to food by mixing these pigments.

Michal is a product designer with interest in research and development of new and existing materials. In her work she is experimenting and exploring the unique bounds between material and product.



Borch is a chef who cooked in Amsterdam and Berlin. In his experiments with taste and perception, he is searching for the mental and physical boundaries that create the experience of eating.


Dark chocolate 54.5% min cocoa solids (Cocoa
mass, Sugar, Cocoa butter, SOY lecithin, Natural
vanilla aroma) White chocolate 28% min cocoa solids (Cocoa butter, Sugar, WHOLE MILK powder, SOY lecithin, Natural vanilla flavor) PEANUT, WALNUT, HAZELNUT, Roasted coffee beans, Salt, Coconut, Pink pepper, Turmeric, Pumpkin, Beetroot (red, yellow, Chioggia), Cavolo nero, Cranberry, Kale, Spirulina, Red cabbage, Lemon zest, Tangerine zest, Orange zest, Banana, Mango, Cinnamon, Hibiscus, Chili flakes, Bilberry, Lingonberry.


Pure chocolade 54.5% min cacao (Cacao massa, Suiker, Cacao boter, SOYA lecithine, Natuurlijk
vanille aroma) Witte chocolade 28% min cacao (Cacao boter, Suiker, VOLLE MELK poeder, SOYA lecithine, Natuurlijk vanille aroma) PINDA, WALNOOT, HAZELNOOT, Geroosterde koffie bonen, Zout, Kokosoot, Roze peper, Kurkuma, Pompoen, Bieten (rood, geel, Chioggia), Cavolo nero, Cranberry, Boerenkool, Spirulina, Rode kool, Citroen zeste, Mandarijn zeste, Sinaasappel zeste, Banaan, Mango, Kaneel, Hibiscusbloemen, Chili vlokken, Blauwe bosbes, Vossenbes.